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What should you do after being arrested for drug use and possession?

by | Apr 22, 2021 | Uncategorized

Colorado is a state with strong drug laws, but it also has an excellent drug court program. If you are caught with drugs and charged with possession or for using, then you may be able to go through drug court and receive help with substance abuse treatment, mental health treatment or other services.

The Drug Court program has three phases. These last 90 days each.

  1. Phase I: This is when the defendant is required to obtain treatment, to have weekly meetings with their probation officer, to appear in Drug Court twice a month and to have their drug and alcohol use monitored. They may also need to complete community service.
  2. Phase II: This is a phase where the defendant does everything as in Phase I, except they meet with the court and probation officer less frequently.
  3. Phase III: During Phase III, the court costs need to be paid in full. Community service must be completed, and the treatment, whether mental health or drug-related, needs to be completed. At this point, the defendant may see the Drug Court probation officer less and go to court less frequently as well.

The nice thing about the Drug Court is that there is a potential to help those with addictions and mental illnesses, which addresses underlying issues that could lead to recidivism. The goal is to help anyone in the program gain more skills and support, so they can go on to contribute to society in a positive way.

How do you get into the Drug Court program?

To get into the Drug Court program, you must be referred to the program by your attorney or a probation officer. This referral is then screened by the court to determine if you are a good fit for the program. If your offense is non-violent, you may have a better opportunity to enter this program.

Your attorney can give you more information about Drug Court and why it’s beneficial to have your case go through this program rather than the traditional court system. It could be an excellent way to get help for substance use disorders or other concerns in your life while also minimizing penalties for drug crimes.