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Advocacy And Answers For Custody And Co-Parenting

The two of you may have split up, but you are still parents. Now, your disagreements about the children are magnified and the solutions are elusive.

At The Goodbody Law Firm we help parents like you problem-solve the realities of co-parenting, whether you are getting divorced or were never married. And when there is no middle ground, we are prepared to go to court to fight for your parental rights and the best interests of your children.

Working Out Parenting Arrangements

Maeve Goodbody is an experienced family law attorney who has a firm grasp on Colorado law and the complexities of child custody disputes. Her goal is to help everyone involved reach a stable and healthy solution for raising kids in the aftermath of a divorce or breakup. She can address every aspect of custody and parenting, including:

Allocation of parental responsibilities: The old custody-and-visitation model has given way to a presumption that both parents will be actively involved in the child’s life. We represent mothers and fathers in the determination of parenting time and decision-making responsibility. The court must approve – or impose – a parenting plan that spells out the ratio of parenting time and the details of exchanges, holidays, vacations, and other logistics. While we always strive for out-of-court remedies, our attorney has fought and won contested custody cases.

Unmarried parents: Parents who were never married have the same custody rights as divorcing parents. However, if the issue is contested, it may be necessary to formally establish paternity and petition the court for parenting time or child support. We have helped many unwed parents stand up for their rights.

Representation In Custody Conflicts

Modification of parenting time: Children grow and change. Parents’ circumstances change. Most parenting plans need to be modified at least once before the child reaches maturity. We can represent you in modifying parenting time, schedules, or any aspect of the original court order.

Parent relocation: A parent who wants to move out of state with their children generally must get the court’s approval. Relocation must serve the best interests of the child and must make accommodations for the parent who is left behind. We represent either parent in these emotionally charged proceedings. If the move is approved, it will be necessary to modify the parenting plan and perhaps child support.

Restriction of parenting time: Immediate action is needed if a child is endangered while under the care of one parent. Requesting a restriction of parenting time is a fast and effective way to protect your child. However, requests to restrict parenting time are taken very seriously by the court and should only be filed after careful consideration. If you are the party whose parenting time is restricted, it is important you take immediate steps to protect your right to be involved in your child’s life.

Enforcement of parental rights: If the other parent is refusing to honor an existing parenting plan, you may need to file a motion with the court to force them to comply. If a parent repeatedly denies access or ignores the parenting plan schedule, the court can order makeup parenting time, modify the parenting plan, or impose other sanctions.

We Protect Your Parental Interests

We can help you work out your parenting disputes. We can represent you in court when negotiations break down. The Goodbody Law Firm is located in Grand Junction, Colorado, and represents parents throughout the Western Slope. Contact us online or call us at 970-609-9430 to arrange a consultation with a lawyer who will guide you and fight for you.